The Korean American Experience

Partnering up with KEI and James Yang, a renowned NYC based illustrator, Gimga Group produced a short animation about the Korean American immigration experience. The animation was produced to celebrate Korean American Day.

Orphan Musicians

Working together with the New Life Foundation, and orphanages in South Korea, Gimga Group produced a video that told the story of 3 orphans and their love for music. The short video produced for the NLF Dream Concert, which sought to raise money to assist in developing the education for the young musical talents.

Business in Motion

Not all of our video and animation works are sentimental in nature. In fact a large majority of our motion work deal with matters that are purely business. Serious business matters don’t necessarily have to mean boring and dull however. Watch this complication of short videos we produced for the World Bank Group announcing their OPCS Intranet.

ASFM Interviews

Advisory Services Financial Management